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The Terrace Undercroft Garage

Undercroft garage floor plans with ample garage space plus store

Designed for a very steep block in Quinns Rocks, these three storey, undercroft garage floor plans take full advantage of the ocean views. Designing undercroft garage homes, plus a rooftop terrace is no mean feat. With privacy regulations & building height restrictions, one must employ every ounce of creative energy to get such plans approved. 

Creating undercroft garage floor plans requires sound knowledge of structural engineering and a good deal of creative thinking. Add a rooftop terrace and it becomes a challenge worthy of only the most experienced & creative Designers, such as us. If you’re considering an undercroft home, then it makes sense to chat with Boyd today. We design Australia wide!

Undercroft Garage House Floor Plans - The Terrace by Boyd Design Perth

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