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House Floor Plans to Inspire


House floor plans are the most important aspect of any home, they're king.

While many Designers & Architects focus on showing you house elevation & interior images, we consider these secondary. While we do design homes that look amazing, it's the floor plans which you live within. You see, any floor plan can have any elevation & interior design style applied, and we do consider this style while drawing our plans. However, if the floor plan doesn't work, nothing else matters. 

In addition, there's nothing standard about our floor plans. Every home plan has been individually designed specifically for each of our clients, their block and their budget. Therefore, we display our floor plans merely to demonstrate our design ability & creativity.

While some of these floor plans may appeal to you, they weren't designed for you. However, you'll absolutely love the plans we do design for you. Guaranteed!


Single Storey Floor Plans


Our single storey floor plans are filled with interest at every turn. From the moment one enters our homes, there's no shortage of wow-factor.


Each plan is filled with stunning visual features, throughout the entire home, yet our plans also function & flow exceedingly well while inviting the landscape inside. 

Two Storey Floor Plans


Our two storey floor plans are designed in a variety of shapes, sizes & styles. From smaller  modern plans, through to more traditional styled homes valued in the millions, there's no limit to the size & style of the two storey homes we design.


Each plan was designed for a client, meeting their personal design & budget requirements. 

Three Storey Floor Plans


Three storey floor plans are great for maximising floor space on smaller blocks while taking full advantage of available views. 

Each of these floor plans were individually designed for a specific client to suit their particular block. No matter what type of block you have, we'll create the ideal floor plans for you & your budget.

Canal-Front Floor Plans


Canal floor plans must be individually designed to suit each client & their particular canal block. Only then can the canal lifestyle be enjoyed to the full. 

Each of these floor plans takes the, often harsh, canal environment in to account. By providing a protected side entertaining area, our clients  can still entertain when the wind is howling. 

Split-Level Floor Plans


Split level floor plans are ideal for sloping blocks. Splitting the floor plan heavily reduces the cost of excavating, providing more money building.

These split level floor plans demonstrate how we handle small splits, of just a few steps, through to homes designed with five levels for blocks which fall as much as three metres. 

Country Floor Plans


Our country, or rural, floor plans were individually designed to satisfy the  personal needs of each family they were designed for. 

Usually large in floor area, these plans are designed in various styles. From Modern Farmhouse designs, through to Australian Homestead & French Country-House styles, there no limit to our design ability.

Undercroft Garage Floor Plans


Undercroft garages make sense on many levels.

Saving space on the block, they also provide more space for the living areas inside & outside the home.

From two-car garages, though to floor plans designed to hold eight cars, these floor plans are nothing short of impressive. We design undercroft homes Australia wide. Let's have a chat about yours.

Let's Chat About Your Floor Plans!

Have you been trying to hunt down the ideal floor plans for your new home?

If so, you've probably come to the conclusion they don't actually exist. 

There's a good reason for this, your ideal floor plans haven't been designed yet.

Your ideal home plans are waiting for you, let's design them.

Thanks! Message sent.

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