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Boyd Design provided a professional service developing a bespoke house design for our steep block of land. We had a challenging set of constraints and he worked with us to develop a design that would encompass our requirements and maximise the views.

Working with Boyd while we were living & working in China, our home was designed via email. As such, we really didn’t know what to expect. We were blown away by Boyd’s design.


Bunbury WA

Boyd designed our new house from scratch, it is in the council approval stage now. I am very pleased I chose Boyd, he’s much more than an designer. He has an artistic mind and a great eye for detail which creates a wow factor for his designs.

The existing home, which was to be demolished, was the remains of a home which had been cut in two. Engineering was a nightmare, but nothing Boyd Design couldn’t overcome.


Bicton WA

As a visual person, I have the ability to see my designs in my head before they are built. When looking at my plans, some people often wonder why I design certain elements the way I have.

Early on, the bricklayer for a three storey home in Halls Head was asking himself why I had designed certain elements the way I had, making his job more complex. Once the home was finished, he said “Now I can see why, it looks amazing”.


Bricklayer, Halls Head WA

Boyd has exceptional interpersonal skills and constantly demonstrates that he understands our needs and wishes. He has proven to be patient and flexible beyond a fault.

Even when we changed our plans by purchasing the block next door Boyd was not fazed and started anew with a completely different plan, scope and outcome of the design. Exceptional client focus rarely seen in today’s world.


Exmouth WA

We first met Boyd five years before we engaged his services. This was for a home addition design. Boyd was so honest, he advised against us undertaking the renovation because it wouldn’t add value to our home, he talked himself out of a job!

Now in our new home, we sat down and asked each other what we’d change about our house. Neither of us could come up with one single thing. Even the trades people were impressed!


Bedfordale WA

When collecting their plans from the Council, the Council fellow said “We can’t fault these plans at all, everything is spot on. This has never happened before, you should hold on to this guy”.

This is testimony to the genuine passion we talk about. These are not just mere words, these are our DNA. No matter what Council and no matter how challenging the design, you can rest assured we will get it spot on.

City of Armadale

Armadale WA

All our friends with canal homes have really low ceilings in their undercroft areas. Right from the outset, Boyd said he’d never design a home with such low ceilings. He said he wouldn’t have a low ceiling, so why should we. He’s a man of his word!

Now everyone keeps asking how we achieved such a high ceiling level in the undercroft, combined with high ceilings to the other floor levels and such a high pitched roof at the same time!


Halls Head WA

When asked if they’d sell their home for a handsome profit, Tiffany replied… Sell it? No way, we love it. Everything about it just works so well for us.

This is another case where I originally met these lovely people to the renovation of their existing home. What they had in mind was not going to add value and I advised them against it. Kicking off with the renovation design, the seed grew and they eventually saw the light


Hillarys WA

When you said you’d get it right the first time, we just thought that was just part of your sales pitch. But you did just that and we’re absolutely blown away.

Sadly, things happen and not all our home designs get built. The reasons for this are numerous and life happens to us all. With an impressive undercroft area, the plans for this Coogee home attract attention from all over Australia.


Coogee WA

Designing the swimming pools for the Oaks Resort became so much more. I also designed the surrounding landscapes and even the pool handrails, they're stunning! In addition, I had to design the drainage for the project.


After completing the resort, the project manager said "No one gives a stuff about the multi-million dollar resort we just built, they all just rave about the bloody pools!"

Charter Property Group

Oaks Resort, Broome WA

Brian had purchased some 30 year old sandstone columns, which he wanted incorporated with his addition, pool & landscape design.


While this was the case, I don't think he truly believed it could actually work. When I presented his design, he said this. "I can't believe you got it all right, and with the first design! You're a bloody genius!"


Subiaco WA

When I met Vere, he was in the process of having a granny flat built at the rear of his Karrinyup home. I said to him "Stop the build, I want to the granny flat to sit on top of the new pool".


Back in the day, I used to build my projects. I built this one and the final result was amazing. Vere said "You truly are a unique and amazing talent, you really are!"


Karrinyup WA

We're so pleased we had you design our home and landscape. We're so happy with the designs and the whole experience was a pleasure, thank you!


Secret Harbour WA

We love our garden and often think of you when we're enjoying it. Our friends love it too!

The Wrights

Mount Claremont WA

In a previous life, my focus was the design of swimming pools & landscapes. Being one of Perth's leading landscape designers & builders at the time, many of my projects won several awards over the years.


At the time, Gill was a prominent swimming pool consultant. He said "You're quite famous in our industry, you design some stunning pools!"


Concrete Pool Consultant

As I mentioned above, landscape design was my original focus. While I used to design and build my projects, the design side of the business grew and had no time to build them any longer.


Lyell was one of my preferred landscape contractors, he built many of my designs. Lyell said "What I love about your plans is that everything works right down to the tiniest detail, they're great to work with". 


Landscape Contractor

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