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Let's talk about Alfresco Area Designs

Alfresco Areas are a "must have" in our great climate. Most new homes have one, yet older homes may not have a genuine alfresco area. When I say "Genuine" alfresco area, I mean one that looks like part of the original home - like it was actually built with the home and under the main roof. This adds value to the home.

When designing alfresco areas, I think carefully about the people for whom I'm designing them. I like to create flexible spaces which can be utilised as an additional room and easily be amended at a later date.

For example, while an owner may not desire bi-fold doors at the time of building, I design all alfresco areas with the ability to add these later. This is achieved with the use of a brick beam above the openings of the alfresco area. This design feature means that, should an owner wish to add bi-fold doors, semi-enclose the alfresco area or even fully enclose the area to include the space as part of their home, the alfresco has already been designed to provide all this flexibility. 

As with home additions, adding an alfresco area can add real value to your home providing it's designed properly. However, such alfresco areas don't come cheap.

You should expect builder estimates from around $150k for the structure alone, plus the cost of paving, an outdoor kitchen & bi-fold doors.

I designed the additions featured at the top of this page. This Hillarys project involved the design of an alfresco area under the main roof, a separate teen retreat/pool house and I designed the pool, spa & landscape.

Winning the 2011 HIA award for the Best Outdoor Environment in Western Australia, you can rest assured your home addition design will be nothing short of stunning in every way.

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