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Canal Home Design Mandurah

Canal-Front Home Designs

These are homes we've designed for our clients. We'd love to design yours!

Canal Home Designs 

Canal home designs in often include an undercroft area which can be used as an additional living area. Browse through our canal home designs & you’ll see stunning canal-front house plans designed with passion. From Mandurah & Busselton, through to Queensland, we'll design a stunning canal home for you. Talk with us about your canal home design today.

Mandurah Canal Home Design The Reef

Canal Home Design

With family living & entertaining in mind, these canal floor plans offer space, form & function on all three levels. 

4 Bed 6 Bath 2 Cars

Busselton Canal Home Design The Geographe

Canal Home Design

Canal home designs come in all shapes & sizes, but few are so unique. Check out this canal house plan.

4 Bed 4 Bath 3 Cars

Canal Home Design Mandurah The Sandpiper

Canal Home Design

With the living areas overlooking the canal, they also have direct access to the protected side entertaining area.

4 Bed 4 Bath 2 Cars

Mandurah Canal Home Design - Panorama

Canal Home Design

This is one of those canal home designs that's simply too amazing for words. Check out these house plans.

4 Bed 5 Bath 8 Cars

Canal Home Design Mandurah The Panama

Canal Home Design

With three levels of luxury, these canal home plans are impressive. We include protected side areas for canal homes.

4 Bed 5 Bath 2 Cars

Mandurah Canal Home Design The Dudley

Canal Home Design

With its floating lounge & generous spaces, this canal home design is something very special indeed.

4 Bed 5 Bath 3 Cars

Canal Home Design Mandurah The Centro

Canal Home Design

Wrapping around its central entertaining area, this canal home design has an abundance of space.

4 Bed 4 Bath 2 Cars

Canal Home Design South Yunderup The Riverbank

Canal Home Design

Designed for retirees, this canal home plan features a caravan bay, large garage & magnificent entertaining area.

4 Bed 3 Bath 3 Cars

Mandurah Canal Home Design The Link

Canal Home Design

Canal home designs are rarely so interesting. The bedroom zone is stunning, as is the glass link.

4 Bed 3 Bath 2 Cars

Let's Design Your Canal Home!

As you can see, there's no limit to our home design talents. While presented with numerous unique challenges, each of the canal-front home designs featured are simply stunning. Each home contains great design features while flowing exceptionally well & being a pleasure to live with. If you'd like your new canal home to be amazing, chat with us about designing it for you.

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Canal House Plans of all Shapes & Sizes

No matter if you desire a single, double or three storey canal home design, our canal-front house plans will delight. What makes our canal home design services more valuable is the fact that we also design the retaining walls & landscape. This ensures our canal home designs work well inside & out. 

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