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Narrow Lot Home Designs

These are homes we've designed for our clients. We'd love to design yours!

Narrow Lot Home Designs with Space

Narrow lot home designs don't have to be small. Browse through our home designs below to discover an exciting range of unique narrow lot homes designed with space in mind. Each house plan was individually designed for our clients. Yours will be designed with the same passion, care & attention to detail. You'll love your home, guaranteed!

Narrow-Lot Home Design - The Newyorker

Narrow Lot Home Design

With the interior designed to reflect the New York apartment style, this narrow-lot home design is very unique indeed.

3 Bed 2 Bath 2 Cars

Narrow-Lot House Plan - The Rhapsody

Narrow Lot House Plan

Suited to 10m wide blocks, this narrow-lot home design has a rear garage. Features include a scullery & alfresco.

3 Bed 2 Bath 2 Cars

Narrow-Lot Home Design - The Freedom

Narrow Lot Home Design

Designed for a 10m wide rear access block, this narrow-lot home design offers great space inside & out. 

3 Bed 2 Bath 2 Cars

Narrow-Lot Home Design The Destiny

Narrow Lot Home Design

Designed for a 12.5m wide block, this spacious narrow-lot home design has four bedrooms plus an activity room.

4 Bed 3 Bath 2 Cars

Narrow-Lot House Plan The Colombia

Narrow Lot House Plan

Designed for a 10m wide block, there's no sacrifices in this narrow-lot home design. Huge kitchen & great alfresco.

3 Bed 3 Bath 2 Cars

Narrow-Lot Home Design The Casablanca

Narrow Lot Home Design

Suited to 10m wide blocks, this is a 4 bedroom home with loads of space. Our narrow-lot home designs excite!

4 Bed 3 Bath 2 Cars

Let's Design Your Narrow-Lot Home!

As you can see, there's no limit to our home design talents. While presented with numerous unique challenges, each of the narrow-lot home designs featured are simply stunning. Each home contains great design features while flowing exceptionally well & being a pleasure to live with. If you'd like your narrow-lot home to be a pleasure to live with, chat with us about designing it for you today!

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Narrow Lot House Plans of all Shapes & Sizes

This is just a small sample of the narrow lot house plans we've created for our clients around Australia. Every home is unique and every one is ideal for our client in every way. No matter what you have in mind, we'd love to design a stunning narrow lot home for you which doesn't come with sacrifices. No matter what style, size or budget, we know you'll love your new home. And no matter where you live, you can build a Boyd.

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