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Impressive Undercroft Home Designs

Upon browsing through our undercroft home designs, you’ll see stunning home designs filled with interest at every turn. Designed with passion, each floor plan & home design style is unique.

Usually designed for canals & sloping blocks, we can even design undercroft house plans for flat blocks also. We love designing undercroft homes as they present a unique set of interesting challenges, and we love a challenge.

When we design your home, rest assured it will be perfect for you, your family and your site in every way. We know this because we actually guarantee these results in writing.

When it comes to undercroft house plans, display homes are certainly not the answer. Undercroft house plans must be individually designed, not some bastardisation that was never intended to contain an undercroft area.


We create undercroft home designs Australia wide.

The Coogee

Undercroft home designs aren't usually so unique.

Undercroft Home Designs - The Coogee

This stunning home has an undercroft garage for four cars with space to spare. A narrow lot home design, this home is packed with stunning features. The challenge here was to achieve views from three sides while delivering all the wants, needs & desires of the clients.

Creating undercroft garage house plans requires sound knowledge of structural engineering and a good deal of creative thinking. If you’re considering an undercroft home design, then it makes sense to chat with a designer experienced in all aspects of building such a home. Chat with Boyd today! We design homes all over Australia.

undercroft floor plans

The Manor

Not all undercroft home designs are for garages. This was built for living.

Undercroft Home Designs - The Manor

Located on the Mandurah canals, these undercroft house plans contain a wine cellar & games room with full bar in the undercroft area. In addition, these undercroft house plans boast one of the highest undercroft ceiling levels on the Mandurah canals, along with high roof pitches.

Undercroft areas are a great use of, what would otherwise be, wasted space. Be it an undercroft garage or living space, we have vast experience in successfully designing floor plans with undercroft areas. Aside from budget, there are may other important aspect to be considered. Talk with the professionals.

undercroft floor plans

The Sorrento

Spacious undercroft house plans with three car garage

Undercroft Home Designs - The Sorrento

When drawing undercroft house plans, it’s important to consider the cost of engineering & site works. This is a huge cost and we employ creative measures to minimise this cost as best as we can. The undercroft area holds three cars, has a store area and two large water tanks. The home was built using ICF.

This Sorrento home was designed for family who treasure outdoor living & entertaining. With spacious living areas & bedrooms, the kids won’t be moving out for quite some time. The generous games room, alfresco area & swimming pool provide all the elements required for great family living.

undercroft floor plans

We’re experienced with undercroft home designs. Let’s talk.

The Bronson

Some undercroft home designs have it all. This is one of them.

Undercroft House Plans - The Bronson

These undercroft home designs are definitely one of a kind. The undercroft area consists of a 10 car garage, lounge, alfresco, games room & bar – all taking in amazing canal views. At three storey’s tall, a glass elevator services all floors while the stair well has a window which looks in to the pool.

Upon viewing these undercroft house plans, you’ll see large open spaces and plenty of desirable features. Designing undercroft homes is something we’re very experienced with. Be it an undercroft garage, living spaces or a combination of the two, talk with us about the ideas you have for your home.

undercroft floor plans

The Hampton

Undercroft garage house plans in the Hampton's style

Undercroft Home Designs - The Hampton

While many undercroft home designs are designed for canal blocks, this home was designed to fit snugly in to a sand dune. The undercroft area of this Bunbury home holds three cars and contains a large store/workshop area. Designed in the Hampton’s style, the undercroft garages provide support for the veranda’s above.

While steeper blocks lend themselves to an undercroft house design, it’s not mandatory. If you want an undercroft area but prefer a flat block, we can still design a home with an undercroft for you. In fact, there’s nothing we can’t achieve in home design; it’s all a matter of budget.

undercroft floor plans

Stunning undercroft home designs designed with passion.

More interesting undercroft home designs coming soon!

The undercroft home designs featured here are a small sample of the homes we have designed for our clients. There will be many more interesting home designs added soon. We show you these undercroft home designs to demonstrate our design ability & creativity. While you can purchase these plans, none were designed specifically for you or your particular needs. No home will suit you as well as the one designed specifically for you.

Let’s design your undercroft home!

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