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Hello, I’m Boyd.

As a home designer, I’m passionate about your home being ideal for you, your family members, your site and your budget in every way. If I get anything wrong, I’ll fix it at my cost and your design changes are welcome!

This is why I’m certainly not a “Yes man” and will challenge your ideas to ensure your new home fits like a glove.

It’s important to me that you absolutely love your home design and it’s on budget. This is why I guarantee these results writing. Far more than an empty promise, these guarantees form part of the design contract.

I design homes Australia wide. Therefore, no matter if you’re building in Brisbane QLD, Sydney NSW, Melbourne VIC or any other place, you can build a Boyd!

Home Designers Perth

If you’re researching Perth home designers, residential architects, building designers, & drafting services, you’re in the right place. We’re home designers and we’d love to design an amazing home for you and your family.

Officially known as building designers, we design single storey, two storey & three storey homes throughout Perth & Australia. We’re also specialists in designing amazing canal homes, incredible undercroft house plans and gorgeous split level homes. In addition, we design spacious narrow lot homes & sprawling country style homes for acreages.

We design homes Australia wide.

Home Designer

I call myself a Home Designer because I do far more than design houses, I design complete homes. This includes the house, landscape, swimming pool and anything else associated with completing the design of your new home. I believe the landscape should form an integral part of the home, so this completes the picture perfectly. Don’t settle for just a house design, get a complete home design without paying more.

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Genuine Passion

I design homes with passion, I absolutely love what I do. In addition, I genuinely care about my clients doing the right thing by themselves. This is why you’ll only ever experience open, honest communication from myself. I’m certainly not a “yes man” and I will challenge your ideas to ensure the resulting home design is ideal for you now and for many years to come. This type of long term planning will ensure you’ll not outgrow your home.

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Complete Flexibility

I love designing all home styles & sizes, from small single storey homes though to massive mansions. Therefor, I work with all budgets from $250k through to millions in value. Providing the home you desire can be built for your budget, I’ll gladly design your new home. And I’m completely flexible. No matter what design style or what type of site you have, I’ll deliver an ideal design solution for you and each member of your family.

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Vast Experience

I know how to design just home design style, yours. Be it Hampton’s, Georgian, Mediterranean or any other home design style, I’ll capture your vision, personality & lifestyle perfectly. With a passion for detail, I understand the smallest of details can have the largest impact on the look and feel of your home. Painstakingly ensuring the tiniest of details are spot on is important to me, something that’s evident within all my home designs. Check out some of my home design plans to appreciate the creativity & included detail.

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Complete Confidence

I’m so confident you’ll absolutely love my design, every aspect of my home design services are covered with meaningful, written guarantees. From the house design itself, through to the budget, council approval & more, you’ll pay no extra to ensure your home design is perfect in every way. Forming part of my design contract, these are not mere promises. More than demonstrating genuine care, I also have great confidence in my own ability to get it right and stand by this 100%.

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I'd love to design your home!

Are you thinking “Boyd won’t be interested in designing our small home”? If so, this is simply not true; I love designing all homes. Yes, there are some very large homes pictured on my website. However, the same dedication & passion is poured in to every home I design.

We’re not a large firm with several employees, we’re a small business. When you call, I’ll pick up the phone. When you send an email, you’re sending it to me. I’m also the fellow who’ll design your home.

I consider myself a regular, down to earth, fellow. I’m easy to talk with and would love to chat with you about your home.

So please, don’t think about contacting me; just do it.

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