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Genuine Passion, Guaranteed Results

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Hello, I’m Boyd. Welcome to my ramblings.

Thank you for taking the time to have a look through our website and for wanting to learn more about how Boyd Design may be of service to you, we greatly appreciate it.

As residential building designers, we undertake the design of every aspect associated with new homes. While our core business is new home design, we also design stunning renovations & additions, swimming pools and landscapes.

Being directly involved in the landscape & building industries for over thirty years, I have a good deal of knowledge to share with you.

Here I share my thoughts, feelings & experiences about all things associated with good house design and, what I believe to be, the secrets to a successful home design and building process. With a wealth of experience which covers almost every home building circumstance, I could ramble on here forever. Instead, I’ll try to be as brief as possible.

I do hope you enjoy reading through this and benefit from the information provided. I absolutely love questions, so please feel free to flick some at me.

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Certainly no “yes men” around here!
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Open, Honest Communication

This has to be the single most important aspect of all. Your architect or designer simply must communicate openly and honestly with you, not be a “yes man”. I can’t stress this enough.

Imagine, for example, you’re pretty adamant about something you really want in your house. You’ve thought about it over and over and decided, “Yep, that’s exactly what I want this space to be”. You’ve then instructed your architect or designer to draw this space as you’ve imagined it. You believe this space will be absolutely sensational.

Many architects and designers are “yes men” and don’t want to upset you. Therefore, they’ll smile and nod while saying “No problem, that will be great”. But what they could be thinking is something like “That’s going to be complete rubbish. But hey, they’re the client”.

Later, you move into your new home only to discover that the space you were so excited about looks nothing like you had imagined. In fact, it looks terrible. It doesn’t flow well from the other spaces and is not easily furnished. “What happened?” you ask yourself. “This is nothing like I imagined, I hate it!”. As your eyes begin to fill with water, you say “That’s the architect’s fault, he should have known better!”

You’d be right. Your architect should have known better. The truly sad thing is, he probably did know better. But he was afraid to say so because you were so adamant about it and he didn’t want to offend you by speaking up. “That’s what you said you wanted”, he’ll say. He is a “yes man”.

This will sound very familiar to some of you. For those of you who haven’t had a home designed before, listen when the alarm bells ring.

As you may have realised, I don’t suffer with the “yes man” disease. In fact, I can’t help but speak up when I see potential issues with certain home design ideas and design requests. While some may consider me tactless, which is true, I’d rather be tactless than careless.

The fact is, having a new home designed is a very personal experience and you have to live with your home design decisions for some years. Working with a “yes man” can be a costly experience. Not only may the value of your home suffer, they’ll be far greater pain and suffering if your house design simply doesn’t work for you, your family or your site.

Loving your new home, in every respect, is all about the design of it. The way it flows, the amount of storage it contains and how easy it is to furnish your home all comes down to the design. Having your ideas challenged by the right architect or designer will help ensure your home responds well to the needs of all family members, now and ten years from now.

Open, honest communication is the key to successful home design, ensuring you’ll love your new home in every respect.

I speak with many people about their home design experiences and have worked with clients who’ve previously been working with “yes men”. I can assure you nothing great results from these types of architects & designers because it’s actually their client dictating the design of  the house.

Let’s be honest, are you a great house designer? Probably not. So why on earth would you work with a “yes man” who’ll simply draw up what you tell him? Not only would you be wasting your money, your new home will not be as wonderful as you had imagined.

Genuine Passion is King
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Passionate People Create Great Designs!

We see the word “Passion” thrown around often, but what does it really mean when it comes to designing homes? To me, everything.

Without genuine passion for house design, my designs simply wouldn’t be as impressive as people tell me they are. Most importantly, my clients wouldn’t love living with their homes as much as they do. So yes, without genuine passion my home designs would look and feel no different to any other, this would be totally unacceptable to me. This passion is also the reason Boyd Design can guarantee the results in writing. In fact, we believe we are the only designers doing this.

But there’s so much more to it than this. It means I genuinely care about creating home designs that actually respond perfectly to the ever-changing, growing needs of the people I design homes for. For me to be content with a house design I’ve created, I must be able to say “I’d live in this house”. But most importantly, I must know it will respond perfectly to needs, wants and desires of my clients, now and ten years from now.

So how do I achieve this? It all comes back to open, honest communication. I ask lots of questions to gain a sound understanding of who my clients are, how they live and where they see themselves in ten years.

For example, if my clients love outdoor entertaining, I’ll talk about an alfresco area which can hold a lounge and dining suite. If the kids are to be driving in a few years, where will all the cars go? If Mum is planning on starting a home business, will she need an office with its own access? If extended family visit frequently, do we create a guest suite or a create a flexible space which could easily be adapted? If Dad hasn’t had his mid-life crisis yet, do we need garage space for a Harley or red Corvette?

Knowing exactly whom I’m design for is paramount. However, my genuine passion for home design also translates to a number of additional factors which ensure the homes I design fit my clients like a glove.

One such factor is time. While my accountant detests this, I don’t allocate a specific amount of time to create a house design. I simply invest the time required to get the design to where I want it to be. It’s not uncommon for me to spend days making a kitchen look, work and flow the way I’d like. During the design process, I may get so far and say to myself “Nope, I’ll try it this way”. Yes, I do talk to myself. I’m allowed, I’m an eccentric designer!

As I’m able to visualise, as I design, I can see how the design will actually look in the real world. While this is a great talent to possess, it does mean that I’m constantly striving to make my house designs better. Therefore, I spend hours on the tiniest of details. Such as making sure this lines up with that and that the transition, from one space to another, flows well.

If you speak with some of my clients, they’ll say something like “Boyd is great, we absolutely love our home. But if you’re in a rush, you best look elsewhere”. While this is true, it’s also the very reason many people say things to me like “I love your designs” and “Your designs are so unique, I’ve seen nothing like them” and “We absolutely love our home and wouldn’t change a thing” is because of the time I invest during the design process. The more time I invest, the better the resulting home design. Nothing worthwhile will result from rushing through a home design, period.

So please, don’t try to rush your architect or designer. Instead, as them when you can expect to see their initial design. Our initial design is usually delivered within six weeks.

Meaningful, Written Guarantees
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Relax. We have your back!

This probably won’t mean much to you unless you’ve had a house designed before and understand the value of written guarantees. Even if you have had a home individually designed before, I’m quite confident that there were no written guarantees offered by your architect or designer.

In fact, I believe Boyd Design are the only residential building designers offering genuine & comprehensive written guarantees with our house design services.

So why is this important, you may ask. Because if you don’t absolutely love every aspect of the house I design for you, I’ll gladly amend my design at no additional cost to you. If you thought this was standard practice, you’d be wrong. While some may make some minor changes at no additional cost, what if they got the whole home design wrong and it simply didn’t work for you at all? Do you think they’ll say “Oops, my bad”. Let me start all over at no additional cost”. No, they won’t. However, Boyd Design will. This is guaranteed in writing within our design contract.

I recall dealing with a client in City Beach some years back. They were looking to extend and renovate their home and had a reasonable budget to achieve it. They said, “We had another design done before, would you like to see it?” Curious, I said “Sure”.

Upon looking at the proposed design I could see clearly that it clearly wouldn’t be approved by Council. Furthermore, it was huge and, obviously, well in excess of their budget. Upon asking about this, the client said “Oh, he told us it won’t get approved, in its current form, and the building estimate is twice the budget. But he said it was a good starting point.” I was stunned. Upon inquiring further, I discovered my client had paid this fellow tens of thousands of dollars for these pretty pictures that were worthless. And no, not a guarantee in sight.

It’s true I hear quite a number of similar stories, but I’m not trying to be alarmist here. I’m sure most house design experiences are quite pleasant and such horrifying experiences are few and far between. Well, I certainly hope they are.

Our written guarantees cover every aspect of our design services. The design itself, engineering success, energy efficiency, earthworks costs, council approval and, the big one, the actual cost to build our home designs. If there are issues with any of these things, we’ll amend our plans at our cost. It’s a confidence thing.

I’m confident you, or someone you know, has had a house individually designed which blew the budget out of the water. We hear these stories on a regular basis. Sadly, it’s quite common and always alarming.

Again, this is where open, honest communication is paramount. Not just from you, but your architect or designer also.

Even with the best of communication, things can still go pear shaped. This is why it’s best to ensure you’re completely covered with written guarantees which form part of the design contract. Every aspect of the home design services needs to be covered to protect your investment.

Such guarantees ensure you don’t pay for the mistakes of your architect or building designer and, as in some cases, mistakes made by you.

Building design mistakes can be quite costly indeed. So if you believed written guarantees didn’t count for much, maybe now you appreciate the value of them. We certainly do.

Please don’t take unnecessary risks, demand written guarantees.

Our Written Guarantees

No Stress Required
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We will make it all work!

When considering having a new home individually designed, it’s common for people to draw some sketches of what they have in mind. This is great and it really does help convey your ideas to your architect or designer.

While this is helpful, some people get bogged down in how their ideas will work. This can be quite frustrating and make you overly anxious. With Boyd Design, you don’t need to focus on how, just what.

Boyd Design are so much more than just regular home designers, we design homes that fit all family members like a glove. So no matter what ideas you have or how crazy they may seem, we’ll make it all work perfectly. This is all part of the Boyd Design difference, we believe everything is possible and our history confirms this.

No matter if your site is a sand dune or a cliff, you have six cars to park, you wish to stage the construction of your home or add the second storey later, we will make it work. Or perhaps you’re a little apprehensive because you know what you don’t like but can’t explain to a designer what you actually want. No matter what the issue or circumstance, we will design you the perfect home. This we guarantee.

The same applies to the layout and design of your home. Perhaps you know you’d like a scullery connected to the kitchen but also want access to a powder room. You’d like the powder room concealed from view but easily accessible. In addition, you’d like the powder room to have dual access, so it can be directly accessed from the alfresco area, but again you want this access concealed. Or perhaps you want a guest suite which shares the main bathroom but is not directly connected to the other bedrooms, even though they share the same bathroom.

Wow, that sounds confusing. My point is, try not to get yourself bogged down in how. You only need to know what, the how would be our problem.

I’m a firm believer that anything and everything are possible. I refuse to be beaten by any design challenge and will explore all the options until I arrive at the optimal solution. One thing I’ll never do is give up.

What I find very sad is the number of people that tell me something like “He said it couldn’t be done” or “He said it would cost too much, so wasn’t worth considering”. It really frustrates me when people say these things without even exploring the possibilities.

I’ve had a builder say to one of my clients “This house can’t be built” because the first-floor bathroom didn’t line up with the ground floor bathroom”. What? I’ve had engineers say to a client of mine “This house can’t be built as designed because the first-floor slab doesn’t extend to an external wall”. Again, what? In another instance, an engineer designed the first-floor slab on one of our three storey designs which would have stuck out through the ground floor roof. As such, we had to show the engineer how to achieve the desired goal while keeping the slab concealed.

These are just a few examples of things said and done which were utter nonsense. So if you’re told something can’t be done, always seek a second opinion or, better still, have your home designed by Boyd Design.

As I also design home additions, renovations, swimming pools & landscapes, I understand how important it is for everything to flow. Having built many large & complicated projects in the past, I also have a sound understanding of construction and engineering. So if you’re bogged down in how, forget how. Just tell me what and I’ll sort out how.

The message here is simple. Please don’t accept what, so called, professionals tell you at face value. In many cases they only want to simplify their work, can’t be bothered or simply don’t have sufficient experience. Ask questions and get a second opinion.

Any Home Design, Any Style
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Canal house design by house designers Boyd Design Perth
Hamptons house design by house designers Boyd Design Perth
Modern house design by house designers Boyd Design Perth
Canal home by house designers Boyd Design Perth
Contemporary house design by house designers Boyd Design Perth

With many architects & building designers, it’s quite easy to spot their designs because they have their own particular style. While this works well for some, but I prefer to tackle a wide range of home design styles.

As is evident throughout our website, we can successfully design any home design style your heart desires. From modern-contemporary & farmhouse home design styles through to french provincial, hamptons & beach house, there is no limit to the home style we can create for you.

Pool & Landscape Design Included, FREE!
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Water feature by home designers Boyd Design Perth
Pool by home designers Boyd Design Perth
Landscape by house designers Boyd Design Perth
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Pool by home designers Boyd Design Perth

More included value than any other!

As home designers, we do far more than just design houses, we complete the picture by designing the swimming pool & landscape concurrently.

As Australians, we do a good deal of living outdoors. In view of this, we believe our outdoor living spaces must form an integral part of our homes. This is why we pay particular attention the design of the swimming pool & landscape while designing your home.

In addition, we consider the landscape the other half of the homes we design. Therefore, we dedicate as much attention to the design of the landscape as we do the house itself. In doing this, we ensure your home will flow effortlessly in to your landscape as the two spaces become one.

The best part? This service is complimentary for all our home design clients, which quite a big deal.

This service not only ensures your have a whole home, it saves you having to engage the services of a landscape designer. Valued from around $6,000.00, there is no doubt that our services represent great value for money. We have all heard the saying “nothing is for nothing”. Well this is one of those very rare exceptions.

More than just a home design service, we offer you a complete lifestyle design service. From the kerb to the rear fence, your whole property will benefit from the comprehensive home design services we offer.

What our Clients Say
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From the people who really matter.

Boyd Design provided a professional service developing a bespoke house design for our steep block of  land. We had a challenging set of constraints and he worked with us to develop a design that would encompass our requirements and maximise the views.

Working with Boyd while we were living & working in China, our home was designed via email. As such, we really didn’t know what to expect. We were blown away by Boyd’s design.

Adrian, Bunbury.

All our friends with canal homes have really low ceilings in their undercroft areas. Right from the outset, Boyd said he’d never design a home with such low ceilings. He said he wouldn’t have a low ceiling, so why should we. He’s a man of his word!

Now everyone keeps asking how we achieved such a high ceiling level in the undercroft, combined with high ceilings to the other floor levels and such a high pitched roof at the same time!

Ashley, Halls Head.

We first me Boyd five years before we engaged his services. This was for a home addition design. Boyd was so honest, he advised against us undertaking the renovation because it wouldn’t add value to our home, he talked himself out of a job!

Now in our new home, we sat down and asked each other what we’d change about our house. Neither of us could come up with one single thing. Even the trades people were impressed!

Carolyn, Bedfordale.

When collecting their plans from the Council, the Council fellow said “We can’t fault these plans at all, everything is spot on. This has never happened before, you should hold on to this guy”.

This is testimony to the genuine passion we talk about. These are not just mere words, these are our DNA. No matter what Council and no matter how challenging the design, you can rest assured we will get it spot on.

City of Armadale

Boyd has exceptional interpersonal skills and constantly demonstrates that he understands our needs and wishes. He has proven to be patient and flexible beyond a fault.

Even when we changed our plans by purchasing the block next door Boyd was not fazed and started anew with a completely different plan, scope and outcome of the design. Exceptional client focus rarely seen in today’s world.

Kirsten, Exmouth.

When you said you’d get it right the first time, we just thought that was just part of your sales pitch. But you did just that and we’re absolutely blown away.

Sadly, things happen and not all our home designs get built. The reasons for this are numerous and life happens to us all. With an impressive undercroft area, the plans for this Coogee home attract attention from all over Australia.

Michael, Coogee.


When asked if they’d sell their home for a handsome profit, Tiffany replied… Sell it? No way, we love it. Everything about it just works so well for us.

This is another case where I originally met these lovely people to the renovation of their existing home. What they had in mind was not going to add value and I advised them against it. Kicking off with the renovation design, the seed grew and they eventually saw the light

Tiffany, Hillarys.

Boyd designed our new house from scratch, it is in the council approval stage now. I am very pleased I chose Boyd, he’s much more than an designer. He has an artistic mind and a great eye for detail which creates a wow factor for his designs.

The existing home, which was to be demolished, was the remains of a home which had been cut in two. Engineering was a nightmare, but nothing Boyd Design couldn’t overcome.

Ron, Bicton.

As a visual person, I have the ability to see my designs in my head before they are built. When look at my plans, some people often wonder why I design certain elements the way I do.

Early on, the bricklayer for a three storey home in Halls Head was asking himself why I had design certain elements the way I had, making his job more complex. Once the home was finished, he said “Now I can see why, it looks amazing”.

Bricklayer, Halls Head.

Want more? Just ask.

Common Questions Answered
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Questions? We love questions!

Based on our website and the home designs featured, many people think we are expensive or only design million dollar homes. Neither are actually true. We design homes with budgets from $250k through to millions. No matter what your budget, you’ll experience the same passion & dedication because every home designed is done so by Boyd himself.
Similar services can cost 10%, or more, of the total project value. This fee is often applied to everything. The house, earthworks, the landscape & finishing items. We believe this, being paid a percentage for items not even designed, is ridiculous. We charge only 4.5% of the budget for the house itself. This means our fee isn’t applied to earthworks, finishing items, the landscape or anything else.

For example, let’s say you have a total budget of $500k (excluding land) to build your home. We’ll deduct the estimated costs of earthworks, floor coverings, air-con, the landscape and so on. If the total cost of these items is estimated at $120, this leaves a budget balance of $380k for the house itself. Our fee is only applied to the $380k. 4.5% of $380k is $17,100.00 plus GST.

Considering our written guarantees & complimentary landscape design, we truly believe we offer the best value available.

With some architects & designers, yes. Not so with Boyd Design.

Boyd has designed homes for people who have known what they don’t like, not what they actually like. He has also designed homes for people who’ve had no idea what they like. One which stands out is a client who hand Boyd plans of a home based totally on hexagonal shapes. From the entry foyer to the rooms, everything was a hexagon. The resulting home design was so far removed from these plans, not one thing remained. In fact, the home is on this website. Take a look here.

Boyd is certainly no “yes man”. He’ll listen to your ideas and develop these into a home plan which is perfect for you in every respect. He achieves this through his unique interview process. By the time he’s done, he’ll know exactly who you are, how you function as a family and anticipates your needs in ten years’ time. This is why we can guarantee the results in writing.

As you can see on this website, there is only one home design style Boyd know’s how to design, yours.

No matter what style of home you seek, Boyd will create it for you. In fact, he has created home styles which are so unique they can’t actually be categorised.

As a genuinely passionate home designer, Boyd works tirelessly to ensure you’ll absolutely love every aspect of your new home design. he is also the only designer, within Australia, who guarantees this is writing.

No, we are home designers – not builders.

We are able to assist you in obtaining cost estimates from builders and can suggest a few builders to you. You are also free to choose any builder you like because, unlike many designers & architects, we don’t take referral fees from builders. This means we’ll suggest builders we trust to deliver quality & value, not just those lining our pockets.

With more than 30 years experience with the building industry, Boyd will know the estimated cost of building your home before you engage our design services.

Before we take you on as a client, you’ll meet with Boyd to discuss your new home in detail. Taking around three hours, this meeting is much more than a “get to know you” type of meeting, Boyd will ask you many questions to gain a sound understanding of the home you want and compare this with the allocated budget.

In some cases, Boyd may say “Sorry, your expectations are unrealistic”. In others he’ll say “Your budget is realistic but may be a little short”. In some very rare cases, the expectations of the client are actually aligned to their budget. The fact is, we all want more than we can comfortably afford. No matter if the budget is $250k or $2.5m, it’s a rare event that a client can achieve all their heart desires.

So, even before you have committed to Boyd Design, we establish the estimated cost to build your home. Doing this in advance is important to us and to you. We don’t want to take your money if your expectations are unrealistic, there’s no point.

There is no standard answer to this as every home is different and presents a unique set of design challenges. The duration of the process is also largely dictated by the client. Some respond quickly with feedback on their design, while others may take weeks.

Subject to a number of things, the process usually looks like this once the documents are signed and the deposit paid.

Initial Design Plans: Up to six weeks (usually delivered within this time).

Desired Design Changes: One week (there can be several rounds of desired changes).

Working or Detailed Drawings: Four weeks (usually delivered within this time).

For more information on the design & build process, click here.

The thing about design awards is that you must actually enter them to win.

Boyd is a firm believer that, while design awards could be a great marketing tool, they don’t actually mean very much. Boyd truly believes that the only people qualified to judge his home designs are the people who actually live in the homes he designs. After all, it’s not about how trendy or clever the home design is, it’s about how it responds to the needs of the family living with it.

You can read some testimonials on Houzz here, or you can request the contact details of past & present clients. And we promise you none of these clients are Boyd’s family or friends.

The payment of our design fee is spread out over a period. There is an initial deposit which is then followed by four progress payments as follows.

Initial Deposit: 30%

Upon Completion of the Initial Floor Plans & Elevations: 20%

Upon Completion of any Desired Design Changes: 25%

Upon Completion of the Working Drawings & Final Landscape Design: 25%

There are additional costs associated in order for your home plans to progress to a stage where you can actually build your home. These include, but are not limited to, the following.

Energy Efficiency Report, Engineering Details, Land Surveyor, Building Assessor, BAL Assessor & Council Application Fees. The cost of these items are not included in the fee charged by Boyd Design. However, based on your proposed home and your site, Boyd can estimate these costs for you in advance.

Yes we do!

No matter where you are building, we can design your home. Within Australia or overseas, there is nothing stopping you from engaging the services of Boyd Design.

We have designed homes in NSW & Queensland and worked with clients based in China, location makes no difference.

Indeed we can!

We have developed a building system which can save you around 20% while your home is built in around half the time of regular brick homes. In addition, these homes include double-glazing, lacquered cabinets with stone tops and have far superior thermal & acoustic values.

Designed to look no different to rendered, double-brick homes, these homes are built using a combination of steel & concrete.

In our opinion, these homes are of far superior quality and offer so many more genuine benefits over traditional brick homes.

Call Boyd to discuss these homes in greater detail.

The very first thing to do is call or email Boyd to describe your home in general. During this conversation, he will ask you some questions about your proposed home, your site and your budget.

If all looks achievable and you wish to take the next step, you’ll then book a free design consultation with Boyd. Held at our office and taking around three hours, you’ll chat about your home, your family, your ten year plan and your lifestyle in greater detail.

Within the next few days, you’ll receive our quotation via email. This email will include a letter of engagement (describing your home in words), a schedule of works (details describing what is and what isn’t included in our design fee) and a home design contract.

Should you wish to proceed, you’ll return the completed documents via email and we’ll then invoice you for your deposit.

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